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Urban Insanity is a fast-paced game of city construction, resource management that involves skill, luck, and strategy.  Build city blocks, roads, stadiums, and suburbs.  Plan your moves carefully to take over your opponents' properties.  Use your resources wisely or you'll end up missing valuable opportunities.  Play for quick scores or plan for a devastating end-game coup!


Cities & Suburbs is a stand-alone game that contains everything you need to play Urban Insanity with two to four of your favorite insane people!  All of Urban Insanity’s expansion sets are designed to be played with this base game.



  • 14 Interstate Tiles
  • 90 City Tiles
  • 45 Action Cards
  • 1 Set of Red Urbanites
  • 1 Set of Yellow Urbanites
  • 1 Set of Blue Urbanites
  • 1 Set of Black Urbanites
  • 4 Cloth Storage Bags
  • Score Board
  • 12 Scoring Tiles
  • Illustrated Rule Book


Note: The Gas & Go expansion set contains two sets of additional pieces so that you can expand your game for up to six players.

Cities & Suburbs (Base Game)

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