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Dogzilla Expansion Set


The victim of a freak accident involving a tanker truck carrying radioactive waste, Whiskers was doused with glowing goop and quickly grew into a forty-foot high monster, towering over the nearby buildings. ers a new name: Dogzilla!

Dogzilla chases buses and trains for fun, knocking down buildings and tearing up roadways as he bounds through the city. Every time he spies an unfortunate cat, he leaves a trail of destruction behind him. He's not mean-spirited, he's just doing what dogs do. If you feel the ground tremor, run for your lives.


And, whatever you do, don’t throw that tennis ball!



  • Dogzilla Mega-Meeple Playing Piece
  • 6 Interstate Tiles
  • 12 Tracking Counters
  • 2 Dogzilla Movement Dice
  • 6 Chase The Cat Cards
  • Expansion Rule Book


Note: You must also purchase the main game, Cities & Suburbs, in order to be able to use this expansion set.

Dogzilla Expansion

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