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Fire Engines Expansion Set


Sure, it’s fun to build things, but it’s even more fun to burn it all down! Hire an arsonist to set your opponents’ city blocks ablaze. Put down a fire hydrant to keep them from doing the same to you! Set off the alarm and call in the fire brigade to put out the flames before all your hard work goes up in smoke!

Urban Insanity just lit a match and got hot in a hurry!



  • 6 Fire Station Tiles
  • 6 Fire Hydrant Tiles
  • 9 Fire Engine Action Cards
  • Fire Truck
  • 10 Blaze Markers
  • 2 Movement Dice
  • Expansion Rule Book


Note: You must also purchase the main game, Cities & Suburbs, in order to be able to use this expansion set.

Fire Engines Expansion

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