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Gas & Go Expansion Set


We’re takin’ it to the streets! Go double or nothing for points on your road with a gas station tile. Use the gas station to fill up your vehicles and get some extra movement. Use the helicopter to air-drop your Urbanite into unfriendly territory and score big!


The Gas & Go Expansion Set has two full sets of playing pieces so that you can now play up to six players at the same time!


Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any more insane!



  • 12 Gas Station Tiles
  • 6 Helicopter Action Cards
  • 6 Scoring Tiles
  • 1 Set of Purple Urbanites
  • 1 Set of Pink Urbanites
  • Pink & Purple cloth storage bags
  • Expansion Rule Book


Note: You must also purchase the main game, Cities & Suburbs, in order to be able to use this expansion set.

Gas & Go Expansion

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