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Skyscrapers Expansion Set


For the engineer in you that wants to build huge city blocks and major roads, we have a bulldozer for you! Special “bridge” tiles let you take over you opponents’ city blocks and create a huge metropolis. But don’t get too comfortable – here comes a demolition crew with a wrecking ball! But don’t give up! You can use the Wild Tile to complete your construction project and dominate the board!


It’s high-energy, high-rise action with a whole lot of insanity thrown in!



  • 2 Skyscrapers Tiles
  • 10 Bridge Tiles
  • 6 Wild Tiles
  • 6 Bulldozers
  • 6 Demolition Cards
  • Expansion Rule Book


Note: You must also purchase the main game, Cities & Suburbs, in order to be able to use this expansion set.

Skyscrapers Expansion

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